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The wrap industry doesn’t hate paint. Hell, we need paint. We need paint to lay our vinyl on.

But the public should know that paint is old school compared to what can be done with a vinyl wrap. Have you ever tried to find the right artist to paint custom graphics? Good luck. Have you ever had anything painted fast? Great grandma is faster. How messy is paint? Let your two-year-old eat chocolate cake and you get the idea. Ever tried to remove paint? Going to the dentist is more fun. And, if you try to sell a car that has been re-painted a different colour … might as well shout “half off!”

Vinyl wraps deliver us from the evils of paint. Wrap designs and colours are infinitive. Wraps are cleaner and faster to install than paint. Wraps can be removed or changed without grinding on your original paint job and vinyl wraps protect your re-sale. They do all this while meeting our basic need to be different. We all don’t wear the same colour shirts each day and we don’t want to “wear” the same colour on our car as everyone else either.

There is an ocean of boring painted surfaces out there because manufacturers don’t like to slow production down. Paint works well for big companies that need to pump out products profitably. Auto manufacturers are a great example. They take little risk by using paint to offer a limited amount of colours. Too many colours or designs slow down their production and costs them money, which they really don’t like. So the public is forced to buy a limited amount of boring painted colours because that is all that has been made available … until they see what a vinyl wrap can do for them. The wrap industry is making the public aware that they don’t have to be forced to conform. Vinyl wraps enable anyone to easily change the colour on their car, or any painted object for that matter. The owner of

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