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What kind of files can we accept? UPDATED AUGUST 19, 2014

For print-ready files, please supply as a print-quality PDF. Our ideal pdf specs are listed at the bottom of this article.


Here's a basic rundown of what we can accept, but if you have a file in another format, talk to us - 

Photoshop – versions don't really matter here, but please supply us with a layered file if you can in case we need to adjust anything:

  • please supply as a CMYK file
  • talk to us about the required DPI
  • please supply fonts if you are providing a layered file
  • please indicate crop marks if you are supplying a file with bleed


  • We can accept all versions up to the most current CC version
  • convert all fonts to curves or provide us with all required fonts
  • supply in a format that we can edit if necessary (to add appropriate bleed, etc)


  • We can accept all versions up to the most current CC version
  • We prefer print-ready PDFs, but suggest you also include the editable file in case we need to adjust or make changes – please use the package option (under the file menu) to package everything required, and send us the package folder. Go through the options in the package window to ensure everything is present that we will need 


  • We can accept all versions up to the most current CC version
  • If you provide us with a PDF file, please ensure it is print resolution at the size required, and bleed is included, if necessary.


IDEAL PDF SPECS (we know you won't always be able to send us jobs this way, but it would make us jump for joy if you did!) :

  • output format, save as PDF/X-4:2010
  • modify the settings so you do not downsample images
  • you can use LZW or ZIP compression for images, but not JPG
  • embed full font subsets 
  • use GRACol2006 or GRACoL2013 and not USwebcoated(SWOP)v2 or similar
  • use these links to download .csf files (colour settings for Creative Suite and a file with PDF presets for Adobe CS6 and higher.
  • Save the new presets for your next AG job!
  • *.CSF files (zip download)    PDF presets link (zip download)    colour settings readme.pdf (zip download)


If you have a file created in another program, please save it in a compatible format so we can open it in one of the above programs.

If in doubt, please talk to us – call, email, or use the contact window via the button on the bottom right of every page of our site.


File Uploads

If you have artwork for your project please let us know.  We have many options to receive files regardless of size.

Click here to contact us and we will create a private web upload area for you.

Click here to contact us and we will create a dedicated ftp account for you.  We will provide detailed instructions for connecting.

SendThisFile - This site has a 2gb limit in file size.  We will be notified by email upon receiving the upload.

If you use DropBox you can share a folder for us and email us the link.  Or we can send you a link to our shared folder.

If you have any trouble at all please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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