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Hey, Sarnia / Port Huron, did you know that the most cost effective way to promote your business is a car wrap?

I am always asked these questions, How long will the wrap last? Can the wrap be removed? Will the wrap damage the paint? Will my car lose value due to a wrap?

A car wrap is long lasting, reflects your business services and products using images and bold text, it can’t be turned off and it always appears where your customers are. It's like a moving billboard, so you can reach your customers 24 hours a day. 

Don’t forget, our wraps applied by certified and insured professionals When wrapping your ride don’t settle for a cheap imitation. 

Trust a certified professional to deliver your brand. Call us at 519-491-0405 today!


How long will the wrap last?
A wrap will last up 7 years if properly cared for, meaning hand wash only and if power washing is used, do not power wash at a 90 angle to wrap surface and not directly over wrap. Any loose or flapping vinyl, have it cared for by a professional. Use AG after wrap to maintain gloss finish. Wrap products will not stick to rust, if the wrap is a colour change same rules apply but do not use a power washer, alway use an after care product recommended by AG.

Can the wrap be removed? Will the wrap damage the paint?
A wrap will not damage the paint or clear coat of the vehicle, if the vehicles has been repaired previously other than the original finish by the manufacturer the wrap adhesive may pull the clear coat off. Always check the history of your vehicle, even dealers are known to repair vehicles from factory finish.

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Will my car lose value due to a wrap?
A wrap or colour change (Restyle) will protect the original factory paint and improve the resale value of the vehicle. Wraps are removed evenly and cleanly by AG Certified wrap pros.

For one on one consultation, call Guy and ask how your brand can move on the road. 

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certified and installed


 We wrap vehicles, all our installers are 3M, Arlon, Hexis, Avery and Orafol certified, as well as holding knifeless install certifications. We are fully insured to work on your vehicle.

Did you know that car wraps and fleet branding are the most cost efficient way of advertising your business? Once it's on the vehicle, it's an immediate medium letting people know what products and services you offer. You can't shut it down, turn it off or close the book like other mediums, it's advertising 24/7.

Partial car  and truck wraps to full wraps – we can do it.

All our digital products are produced by latex inks which are great for car applications with bright colours, and they're long lasting, durable, and environmentally friendly. We have every vehicle template available, so drop in or call us, we can design your car or truck and put your business on the fast track to marketing.

Budget conscious? Try vinyl cut lettering for your trucks, it’s a contractors choice to identify their business and get their brand out on the job site. We can take a logo with full colour and cut it in vinyl lettering to make a professional look for your company.

Paint Replacement vinyls and Paint protection.

We offer 3M 1080, Avery Performance vinyl, Hexis vinyl and Arlon Supreme wrapping films.

Have a car and thinking of changing the colour, or is it in need of a paint job? Try paint replacement vinyls, lots of colour choices and unique vinyls to make your vehicle stand out.

Paint replacement vinyls are better than paint, for one if you have a car that has original paint on it, changing the paint will diminish the cars value. That’s a fact. Applying paint replacement vinyl over top of the paint gives you the colour you want now without altering the OEM paint of the vehicle. Additionally vinyl application takes two - three days, whereas a paint job takes over a week and it’s messy. Paint replacement vinyl also protects the paint below it acting as barrier against road abrasion and road projectiles. When you are done with the paint replacement colour you pull it off and change it to another colour. Or just go back to the banana yellow of the original paint on the vehicle.